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Interconnection Policy

Every entity, to be a member of RINEX, has to have a valid license to operate in Rwanda as an Internet or Data Service Provider. RINEX management will provide a...
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Quality of Service Policy

RINEX management will take all necessary precautions to ensure maximum uptime for the RINEX facility; however it will not provide rebates of any sort for down time....
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Data collection policy

RINEX usage statistics shall be collected in real-time and published on its website. Any other information collected by RINEX shall be kept confidential subject to any...
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Data Access Policy

All members are to ensure that computer data processed or stored on their network intended for public access, shall be made available in a manner that does not deny or...
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Enabling local internet


To promote and manage key internet resources optimally to benefit the community


Professionalism in our actions towards our customers, partners and all stakeholders - Commitment towards achieving our objectives